Rachel Lynn

Hello there...

My name is Rachel and I’m a designer based in Colorado Springs. I’m currently working towards my Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design at Arizona State University. I’m a very curious individual and love to know the why and how behind things. This has fueled my passion for intentional design that speaks to people in a deeper way. Design should always have intention, and this comes from thoughtful research and application.

Design Values

I believe design is more than just art or something pretty to look at. Design is all around us in things that we don’t even give much thought to. We are bombarded by information all the time, and honestly, a lot of it doesn’t look good. I want to create designs that are pleasing to the eye and offer respite from the information overload around us. 

I’m also passionate about emotional design. I want my designs to cause people to feel something. Good design tells a story and captures emotion. These designs spark conversation and leave a lasting impact on those who have interacted with it.

A little more about me

While design is a huge part of my life, there are some other things I enjoy. I’m a MAJOR bookworm and read every second I get (that I’m not designing, of course)

I’ve played piano for many years and find it quite therapeutic – playing piano is it’s own form of art that paints a picture through music. Speaking of music, I’m also a huge music nerd and listen to Spotify pretty much 24/7. I love researching the meaning behind songs and lyrics – I find it fascinating. 

Another thing near and dear to my heart is travel. I love experiencing different cultures and seeing the way they live life – it’s something so beautiful to me. I’ve actually made it my goal to visit 30 countries by the time I’m 30 years old. I’m halfway there, so we’ll see if I make it!