Rachel Lynn

Poster in Motion - Motion Graphics

Overview: This project challenged us to bring an existing poster to life through motion graphics using Adobe After Effects.

Problem: We had to select a poster we felt we could tell a story through. The video needed to be engaging and incorporate the design elements utilized within the poster.

Solution: I chose to animate the Snatch movie poster designed by Levente Szabo. My animation follows the story of the diamond as it’s “snatched” from hand to hand. I synced my animations with the pace of the song to create a more cohesive story and made sure to hold true to the integrity of the original poster design.

Result: This animation is fast-paced and tells the story of Szabo’s poster keeping the audience engaged in each scene. The music, graphics, colors, and type all work together to create a unified animation with a playful, “heist-like” feel.

Storyboard and Original Poster by Levente Szabo