Rachel Lynn

Stamp Set

Overview: This project challenged me to create a set of stamps for USPS that followed their guidelines. The stamps needed to relate in subject and appearance with a strong theme and narrative to unify all four stamps. 

Problem: The subject matter had to be American or American-related that had a significant impact on American history, culture, or environment. The subject matter could be a person, place or thing; however, there could be no negative occurrences, disasters, religious institutions, or religious leaders.

Solution: I have always been fascinated with space and the massive influence it had on American society especially during the “space race.” I decided to display the Mercury-Atlas 6 launch from 1962 where America sent their first astronaut, John Glenn, to orbit the earth. The challenge of this topic within my set was to tell the story of the complete mission but on a small scale. I kept my design very simple to keep it easy to read.

Result: This set is cohesive in design with a color scheme that continues throughout. The stamps tell the story of the Mercury-Atlas 6 from start to finish in a minimalistic way. Each stamp can stand alone, but they also make sense together.