Rachel Lynn

Force - Brand Identity

Overview: In this project, we were challenged to create a brand starting with a logo and building from there into a full business system.

Problem: I was assigned three characters to work with to create a logo using two of the three. After designing a logo, we were challenged to find an industry we felt matched our logo. Once an industry was selected, we were to name our business and create signatures as well as establish type, colors, and imagery.

Solution: I created my logo using F and 4. I wanted to keep the logo simple and versatile. After researching potential industries, I decided the snowboard industry best fit my logo. From there, I created signatures and experimented with color. I wanted to use a color that conveyed energy and “force.” I also wanted sleek type that felt active. After establishing the system, I designed mockups in which my brand would be implemented.

Result: I created and established a brand beginning with a simple logo. I set brand guidelines, selected imagery, and created mockups to set up a business. I feel I was successful in this process and created a strong system that feels cohesive and interesting.