Rachel Lynn

Brand Collab - Pop-Up

Overview: In this project, we were challenged to design a pop-up showcasing a collaboration of two separate brands. The pop-up should create an experience for visitors to enjoy.

Problem: We could choose any two brands, but both the design and visitor experience needed to be cohesive and engaging. The pop-up should be designed within an 8′ x 8′ x 20′ shipping container utilizing the SketchUp software.

Solution: For my collaboration, I chose the companies Spotify and Airbnb. I felt these brands worked well together visually and could create a unique and memorable experience for visitors. My catchphrase for this collab is “music making memories” and focuses on the combination of Spotify’s unique playlists with Airbnb’s variety of stays. I wanted to keep the integrity of each brand, so I included each brand’s signature color: green and coral. I used sans serif fonts and wood accents to let the brands and experience speak for themselves. 

Result: I created a pop-up combining the brand of Spotify and Airbnb to create a new and unique experience. The collab features interactive elements to keep visitors engaged and entertained. The simplicity of the pop-up allows the brands to remain true to their nature while also creating a new, memorable brand experience.