Rachel Lynn

Nöz Web Design

Overview: Nöz, a fictional sunscreen brand, is looking to create a website to showcase their brand and sell their unique sunscreen for your nose.

Problem: The website needs to embody the brand attributes and have ease of navigation. The product should be at the forefront of the site and the companies values should be incorporated throughout.

Solution: I created a multipage site that fit with the brand attributes: playful, witty, eco-conscious, trendy. I highlighted the mission of the brand throughout to really embody all that Nöz stands for. I worked with the brand guidelines and utilized SEO with keyword research to optimize the site.

Result: The website flows nicely from top to bottom and captures the essence of Nöz. The product is prominent to encourage site visitors to purchase the sunscreen. The brand attributes are incorporated throughout the site through colors, type, and imagery.

Home Page

Product Page