Rachel Lynn

Invisible - Social Campaign

Overview: This project challenged me to develop and create a visual campaign that raises awareness of a social issue. 

Problem: The campaign needed to be unified and both persuade and educate viewers through its visual content. The slogan and CTA needed to be short yet memorable, and all collateral designs had to be cohesive.

Solution: The issue I selected to research and develop was poverty. My ultimate campaign goal was to make the poverty in the U.S. visible which is how I landed on “invisible.” I utilized a primarily black-and-white color scheme to create a somber mood, and I used a green accent to add contrast and energy. I wanted each collateral to point back to the main theme while also giving my audience the means to get involved through the url.

Result: My campaign educates viewers and engages them through visuals and text. It challenges them to get involved in raising awareness of poverty. All collateral is cohesive and unified, and each invites the audience to get involved.

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