Nöz Marketing - Paid Social

Campaign Brief

The sunscreen brand Nöz has decided to discontinue the Mellow Yellow shade due to a drop in sales. The objective is to sell the remaining 1,000 units through running a 50% off discount. However, to be careful with discounts, they will only be targeting cities in the U.S. with high UV indexes: Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Miami, Florida; and Los Angeles, California – and they would like to narrow the audience further. 
The goal is to implement an ad campaign using one digital channel – paid social, display, video, or paid
search – that will successfully sell all remaining units.

Product Images

Campaign Objective

I decided to utilize paid social through Facebook Ads Manager. Paid Social presents the opportunity to retarget those who have already engaged with Nöz – this will increase the likelihood of purchasing Mellow Yellow.
My objective is conversions and my KPI is conversion rate – we ultimately want to sell all 1,000 units of Mellow Yellow, so focusing on conversions will allow me to market those with intent to purchase.
I decided to create two separate ads so I could compare their performance.

Ad Group 1

For this ad group, I wanted to keep a more organic feel, so I used more casual photography. The sunny imagery matches the yellow shade. I also wanted to use models sporting the sunscreen to promote the product without using a product image. The candid photo has a playful feel that matches the brand guidelines and leaves the viewers feeling cheery.
Post Copy:
Here comes the sun… and it’s on sale! ☀️ Show your nose some love with 50% off our Mellow Yellow shade. Grab one now before they’re gone for good! #noz #mellowyellow #ecofriendlyspf

Facebook Ads Manager

This project challenged us to design a single-page website using Adobe XD. The problem I chose to solve with my page is that book-readers need a place to connect with others and share recommendations and discuss books they’ve read. My audience was geared towards avid readers wanting to find community with other readers as well as a focus on younger women. Within the page, I wanted to include features like book quizzes, featured books, chat groups for different genres/books, as well as a book log to keep track of what you’ve read. The ultimate goal was for users to find community with booklovers through recommendations and connections over past books they’ve already read.

Ad Group 2

For my second ad group, I wanted to go with a more professional feel. The photography feels more staged and I included product photography so the audience can see exactly what they are purchasing. The overlay of imagery over shapes adheres to the brand and feels more sophisticated and trendy.
Post Copy:
Wanna brighten your day? Well… how about 50% off our Mellow Yellow shade! 🎉Add some sunshine in your life and grab one before they’re gone!
#noz #mellowyellow #ecofriendlyspf

As with ad group 1, I wanted to adhere my copy to the brand guidelines while also marketing to potential customers without feeling sales-y. My post copy is concise to keep attention but also displays urgency and scarcity to encourage people to act quickly. It’s casual and fun adhering to the brand guidelines and includes a call to action. The addition of hashtags will help reach a larger audience and raise awareness about the brand and sale.


Even though I did not run this campaign as this is a fictional brand, I learned the inner-workings of Facebook Ads Manager and the importance of paid social ads. I learned strategies like the simpler the ad, the better the performance and writing post copy is just as important as the post itself.
If I were to actually run this campaign, I would use a custom audience other than the pixel because of the loss of traffic due to the iOS 14 update that allows Apple users to opt out of tracking. I would be able to reach a larger audience if I did not use the pixel tracking.