Package Redesign - Sennheiser

Project Overview

In this project, I was asked to redesign the packaging for Sennheiser’s Momentum Wireless headphones. This redesign was required to measure 5” x 5” x 5” and capture the essence of the brand through the visual elements. We were challenged to design packaging with strong hierarchy through connecting information in a way that encourages interaction and movement.

I created a creative brief covering the original packaging. The brief breaks down the individual elements and type so that I could incorporate the necessary elements into my design.

initial low-fidelity sketches

Design Challenges


The package was to be viewed from all sides with no true “top” or “bottom,” so the viewers needed to be encouraged to rotate the box no matter which side they started from. The box should be able to be rotated on an axis with all information relating to one another.

Brand Identity

The package also needed to embody the essence of the Sennheiser brand. The brand is sleek and minimalistic as well as modern and technologically focused. The redesigned package needed to fit with these concepts while also freshening up the old design.

updated low-fidelity sketches


I accomplished interrelatedness through direct and indirect alignments of elements on each face. I aligned all type and imagery with at least one other element to create connections throughout my entire package. I never centered anything so as not to hinder rotation by creating a stopping point.

final iteration - 2D


To ensure I embodied the essence of Sennheiser, I referenced their website often to get inspiration. I also researched competing companies’ packaging to see what they were doing well to potentially incorporate into my design. Sennheiser is well known for their blue accents, so I incorporated this blue as a dominant feature in my design. I pulled slogans from their site to incorporate the personality of the company, and I used the Sennheiser Neue typeface to ensure I stayed on-brand. To further embody the brand, I included the logo, brand name, and the product URL.

Package Mockups


I feel that I have met the goals of this project. I created a minimalist package design that encourages rotation on an axis and embodies the Sennheiser brand. I also created visual hierarchy of information as well as movement through direct and indirect alignments. If I were to continue working on this project, I would have made a variation of the box for the white Momentum headphones packaging. I might have played around with an inverse of this package to connect the two different packages while also maintaining visual cohesiveness.