Typographic Investigation

Overview: In this project, we were challenged to experiment with type in a way that breaks the traditional view of type. We were to start with a simple paragraph and then manipulate it in whatever way we chose and then document the change of our paragraph in the form of a book displaying each step. 

Problem: We needed to get out of the space of traditional type and what it should look like and allow ourselves to go “crazy” with experimentation. However, we were challenged to display the steps in a way that viewers could follow along with our process of experimentation.

Solution: I decided to experiment with the space between letterforms. I began by setting the tracking to zero and then adjusted the kerning in each line by the Fibonacci sequence. I highlighted the word “space” in red to showcase the central concept of my experimentation. To break from traditional type, I decided to rotate the paragraph by 40 degrees in each step. Then I arranged each step in a double-page spread with the investigation on the righthand side to let the type speak for itself without distraction.

Result: My investigation ended up becoming a unique piece of radial art that still embodies the nature of type in a nontraditional view that allows the letterforms to be seen in a new light. The cover, title page, captions, and page numbers are all simplistic in nature to keep the typographic investigation the focal point.

Featured Page Spreads